Arweave is a decentralised storage network that provides a platform for storing data indefinitely. It describes itself as "a shared hard drive that never forgets." The Arweave network uses AR, the network's native cryptocurrency, to pay miners and store network information indefinitely. The project aims to provide "the collective ability to store and share information indefinitely, so that it can be accessed by multiple generations." To achieve this goal, it uses a blockchain technology in which each block is linked to the block immediately before it and to a random one before that. According to Arweave, this encourages miners to make more store data in order to access random blocks of data. Arweave is mostly focused on building a sustainable ecosystem around the network. In June 2020, it introduced "profit-sharing tokens" that allow developers to receive dividends from transaction fees generated by the use of their applications. The project also works with startups through the Boost programme, providing free hosting and access to the Arweave team and industry investors.