The Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol that provides an extra layer of privacy for dApps across multiple blockchains (Ethereum, Polkadot). The Miner Extractable Value (MEV) problem is a situation where blockchain miners or arbitrage bots rearrange trans- actions or remove transactions from the block to maximize profit. Automata has launched a solution to this problem called Automata Network Conveyor - a service designed to input and output transactions in a specific order. It essentially makes it impossible to reorder transactions.Automata's main features are absolute privacy (anonymous voting DAO- kra), high security, simple computation. The ATA is the Au- tomata Network's own token and is planned to be used in the following existing and future cases.

Governance: ATA token holders can submit proposals and vote on other proposals, as well as on platform and network parameters, features and functions.

Mining Rewards: miners can earn ATA tokens by running applications and performing transactions for network users.

Protocol fees: users pay miners for storage and computation work.