Expand Your investments with Automated Purchases

Profit Manager automatically expands the investments after setting up. Adjust a maximum investment value per portfolio. Thus, you can develop multiple investment orders and strategies aligned. The whole of these is simple, automated and convenient.

Choose from three methods:

1.) One-time Investment:

Purchase a cryptocurrency whenever You want. Adjust the investment parameters with a few clicks and enjoy its growth automatically.

Capital and profit protections were also determined during the set-up.

2.) Dollar Cost Average strategy:

Define the intervals (hours, days or weeks) concerning the Profit Manager automatically making purchases according to your needs.

The Dollar Cost Average strategy increases the value of the investment in a planned way, regardless of market rate fluctuations.

3.) Trend-following strategy: 

Be in control of every single percentage! You might choose to grow your investment only when the market rate rises or falls.

Either way, with a trend-following strategy you will not miss the big rallies.


Trade multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously with a single click

Set up any number of cryptocurrency purchases with a Profit Manager. Simultaneously. This is a great deal because You start countless purchases and investments with a single click.


Profit Manager offers capital protection and multi-stage profit protection. Also, it makes purchases on a recurring basis, following time and market rates.


Set up a trend-following strategy for multiple cryptocurrencies. The Profit Manager automatically buys whichever meets the previously set % increase first. What does it mean? If it is set up for a bullish trend, and the price of one of the cryptocurrencies suddenly turns, the system will start to buy it, so you will never miss an upward trend.


You will not miss the entry point if you set up the Trend-following strategy

FOMO = "Fear of Missing Out" comes from the term; an ugly feeling,

when you're afraid you're missing out on something.

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