Capital and Profit Protection is our top priority

See how it works!

Once Profit Manager is connected to Binance, the interface allows you to view the balance of all your cryptocurrencies. Additionally, set up capital and profit protection for cryptocurrencies purchased independently in the system.

The Profit Manager monitors the market 24 hours a day, and Binance retrieves market price data every 5 seconds.

Recurring profit protection
and automatic realisation is possible in two ways

a) Profit realisation at fixed price level: No third % value set. 'Capital works until it is in danger'.

According to the set value, the system continuously realises profits, which can be converted into stable coins (BUSD, USDT, USDC) or even Bitcoin.

b) Profit protection with Stop-Loss offer: The trailing stop, and thus the trailing stop of the trailing stop-loss offer activated at the expected profit level, set as a percentage of the profit earned so far.

It is a fixed value calculated per profit level (nominal value).

WHAT IS THE PRIORITY? - Set up the capital protection and the future profits of each investment unit aligned with the Profit Manager. Once the profit is realised, the stop-loss that protects the capital will be modified (although it will no longer slide), which means the traders realise profits on multiple occasions. It is the main advantage of the Profit Manager methodology.

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