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...we don't build a clientele. We build the Profit Manager community.

We do not collect customers. We would like you to trust us as much as we do in our product.

Because we have invented something that is just plain good. And we would like you to be a part of it and have benefit from the system created.

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1123 Budapest, Csőrsz utca 49-51.



Our Strategy

Based on our experience, we can safely say that the biggest threat to our investments is ourselves. Avoiding psychological traps, with a vision clouded by illusions, will not lead to success. We need a strategy: we change the risk we take for profit.

Profit Manager is a trading methodology that can be tailored to individual needs. The founders developed the system, based on decades of experience on a Stock Market. Its main strength is that it provides investors with specific capital protection and the ability to manage capital and profits separately. As a platform, it is clear, easy to use and dynamic. What it offers is simple: with the Profit Manager trading is stress-free and automatic, and it even helps investors to see price movements as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Simple, user-friendly, mobile-friendly

The invests capital on an occasional or completely customised basis, with time-based repetition or by following the trend, while the Profit Manager analyses each purchase individually and monitors investments automatically, 24 hours a day. Therefore it takes advantage of the fluctuations in exchange rates, which in turn allows to realise profits on multiple occasions. Also aiming to protect the initial capital as much as possible.

It requires determination and an approach. We need to look at profits as a trade-off for capital risk - so when starting any investment, first determine in advance the maximum risk willing to take. Profit Manager's system allows to set capital protection and profit realisation targets as a percentage. There is no limit. Once the exchange rate starts to rise following a purchase, the level of capital protection can rise in line with the increase in the exchange rate, but not towards the level of the purchase. Optional capital protection setting takes the risk out of the active investment, as in the worst case the system closes the position at the purchase level with zero loss. Everything is customizable: the level of expected profit can be set, profits can be realized per level, and the capital protection is at the user's discretion.

...capital is worked until it is at risk, so we can both provide room for growth, and at the same time there is no FOMO, regret or dread.

Nearly 100 cryptocurrencies available in Profit Manager. The system linked to the Binance exchange: allows to manage and monitor the currencies stored in the account with PM as a trading support system. It protects your capital and profits simultaneously. The system offers the possibility of using multiple investment sources, so while the source of the purchase can be Bitcoin, for example, the protection of capital and profits can be set according to the dollar exchange rate of the cryptocurrency purchased. When capital protection is activated, a currency other than the source of investment can be specified. The target currency for the profit exception also flexibly managed.

The strongest pillar of the investment strategy is the trend-following purchase - the user never misses a rise. The formula is simple: whichever currency rises the most, the system invests more of it.

Say NO to Capital Loss!

Thanks to Profit Manager's special capital protection strategy, investors can always be sure that the system will monitor their portfolios according to the values they set, so that the maximum capital invested can decrease by an amount equal to (or less than!) the risk level they set.

This is real security and freedom, provided by Profit Manager.

Meet the Team

"After 27 years experience on the Stock Market, he and his colleagues created the Profit Manager investment methodology. His motto: Profit protection in prior. You can try it yourself now." Gábor is a Co-author of the book Crypto Money ABC, author of Profit or Experience? and  the Cryptocurrency Investing Made Simple."

Pataki Gábor

Founder, ex-broker

"Managing Partner of TENK Law Firm. With more than 15 years of experience, he is a specialist in complex transactions, with a particular focus on venture capital and private equity investments, distressed M&A and distressed finance transactions. Dr. Tenk also regularly advises clients on local and cross-border restructuring matters."

Dr. Tenk Zoltán

Legal Partner

"She has got almost 15 years experience in IT system implementations in the financial institutions and she's obsessed with coming up with a better solution. Her active crypto trading practice successfully supports the Profit Manager investment methodology. She also helps the development, testing the operation of the system."

Vörösváczki Linda

Partner, Project Director