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Cryptocurrency protection

Select a cryptocurrency and click on the shield button next to it. A new screen appears where we can specify how much of the cryptocurrency we want to protect. The minimum amount required to start a new strategy must be $20.

We can choose exactly which stablecoin we want to withdraw our capital into. If the capital protection is activated, we can also set the Capital protection activation level to slide up to the current setting level, i.e. to follow the change in the exchange rate by 10 per cent, but not increase any further.

If no trailing stop loss is set, the capital protection will be fixed at this rate until a profit is achieved.

We can set the profit realisation level. In this example, for every 5 per cent, the system will continuously save the profit. You can redeem capital in B U S D or even in euros if you want to redeem capital. Let's take the euro as an example.

We also have the option, once we have reached the 5% increase, to follow the further increase in the exchange rate by a percentage of the profit achieved until this point.

If it falls back from this price level the exchange rate then realises a profit. The profits are continuously realised every 5 per cent, and each profit withdrawal level jumps below the capital protection level by the specified percentage.

If this function is checked, it will automatically follow capital protection. By tracking the percentage, it will only slide the capital protection's current level when starting a strategy or up to the buy level when starting a new portfolio.

Cryptocurrency protection may also be named with a unique name.

Start it, and it will appear under My Investments once approved.

It's that easy to start cryptocurrency protection through your Profit Manager system.

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