Profit Manager Academy


After you connect to your Binance account with the API key and create your whitelist, you will find the current value of your cryptocurrencies in the dashboard.

See the value of the cryptocurrencies separately and also the value of the stablecoins separately. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies with fixed exchange rates to the dollar.

On the left-hand side, you see the total value of the cryptocurrencies, although not yet tracked by Profit Manager, as we have not yet set up any portfolio.

When you convert, you have the option to convert between Stablecoin and Euros without entering your Binance account. You can even convert all the stablecoins in the system to Bitcoin. A prerequisite for this is to add these cryptocurrency pairs to the whitelist.

The right side shows the value of cryptocurrencies not tracked by the Profit Manager, which could be sorted by value. On the left, we will see the cryptocurrencies that are managed by the Profit Manager.

Here, we also have the opportunity to set up cryptocurrency protection, which will be demonstrated in the following video.

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