Profit Manager Academy

Dollar Cost Average

Define the intervals (hours, days or weeks) between automatic purchases by the Profit Manager according to your needs! Dollar Cost Averaging is a way to increase the value of your investment in a planned way, regardless of exchange rate fluctuations.

After you connected Profit Manager to your Binance account with an API key, you can automatically invest the same amount regularly from time to time.

It is a dollar-cost average investment methodology.

Let's see an example. We invest $1,000 per week for four weeks, regardless of whether the exchange rate goes up or down.

We buy our first $1,000 at a price level of $100, and after 7 days we invest $1,000 again.

The exchange rate rises, then fall, but we continue to buy according to our investment strategy, and buy our third $1,000 unit.

Finally, the downward trend reverses, and the exchange rate starts to increase.

The system automatically buys again at the end of the fourth week for $1,000.

The exchange rate rises 15% from the initial purchase level.

Our investment of $4,000, in four deferred payments, equal units yields a profit of $457.

The profit Manager tracks each investment separately, and we have the option to set up capital protection and profit protection in parallel, but we will demonstrate it in the next video.