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Can I trade any cryptocurrency using Profit Manager?

We are constantly expanding the list of tradable cryptocurrencies, with nearly 100 cryptocurrencies registered in the Profit Manager. 

Is there a minimum investment amount?

In Profit Manager you can trade with a minimum investment of USD 20, as Binance's trading platform has a minimum of USD 11 for cryptocurrency purchases. This means that when you start an investment, your investment value should be 11 USD for as many cryptocurrencies as you want to buy within the portfolio..

How can I top up my Binance account balance?

For security reasons, the cryptocurrency countervalue required for trading can only be uploaded directly to Binance for your own benefit, Profit Manager does not provide an interface for this, it is designed for your security. The transfer can be made from another crypto wallet, but it is also possible to fund your Binance balance via the exchange using a credit card or by transferring EUR or USD. The latter service can be accessed from the "Buy crypto" menu at the top of the Binance exchange. The advantage of this solution is simplicity, but the disadvantage is the high transaction cost or the possibility to transfer more FIAT currencies, even in EUR, to your Binance account. If you want to exchange cryptocurrency directly from HUF, we recommend the Hungarian cryptocurrency exchange service CoinCash.

Can I trade with leverage? Because Binance allows you to!

Leverage trading is not supported by the Profit Manager system as Binance does not provide API (interface) access to leveraged trading accounts..

If I start a position, when will my capital be released?

The invested capital will be redeemed into the specified cryptocurrency (USDT, BUSD or even BTC) whenever the capital is at risk and the capital protection order is activated. In addition, capital can also be released when a user closes a portfolio, in which case the system will sell the cryptocurrencies concerned at the current exchange rate and cancel any further regular purchase orders.