Principles we believe

Change the risk for profit!

In essence

Profit Manager is an investment methodology. The system exploits the volatility of the market by managing the stop-loss and take profit levels, in order to take profits while managing to preserve the initial capital.

Anyone who ever invested experienced that no one is immune to the fever of a sudden price spike or the panic-like events that trigger a price plunge. Profit Manager supports regular investments at predefined times. Therefore automatically and gradually expands the portfolio, based on a setup in advance.

Minimise the risk and realise return growth

Risk management is a major issue in the world of cryptocurrencies. Mainly due to the higher volatility of the market. Profit Manager manages the volatility of the market by setting different thresholds and intervenes immediately at the levels. It takes the form of automatically generated and executed orders which minimises the losses, can be incurred. Rises of the prices are followed by a continuously increasing threshold, thus maximise profits. The unique feature of the Profit Manager, it realises profits at certain levels without stop the investment, so it continues to benefit from any increase.

Capital and profit protection

Regardless of wealth, losing hard-earned savings is everyone's nightmare. On the top of the previous two pillars, the third key feature to protect the capital invested.

Set the maximum loss You are willing to tolerate. When the market reaches the level, everything in the portfolio will be sold immediately.


Research results appear...

In fact, cryptocurrencies fluctuate in price, trading occur 24 hours a day, it does not make easy for the investors. However, it is also a huge opportunity. The prices constantly change, unlike on the stock market, where the trade closes every day and opens on the next business day.

In our research prior to develop Profit Manager, the success investments are almost always depends the investors' lack of time. The Profit Manager automates trading to meet the traders needs, placing buy and sell orders on Binance, the world leader cryptocurrency market.