You can use the Profit Manager system with a StopLoss token. Buying one is a prerequisite for trading.

The sooner you buy, the better off you'll be, because the exchange rate will increase by 5% every month until it reaches USD 1!

Why is it worth to top up the STOP Token balance in advance?

  • This is a bonus. The more tokens you buy, the more we give you as a gift with your purchase! You can get up to 20% discount!
  • Let this be step zero! Why? If you invite friends, you will receive a commission of 10-40% on the tokens they redeem - depending on how many STOP Tokens you have.
  • Attention, you need to know something! STOP Tokens can only be used for fees paid in the system. However, they can be sent to friends you invite on request.
  • Take action now: for the first two years, you can buy STOP Tokens at a discounted price (under USD 1). The price will increase by 5% per month until it reaches 1 USD!
  • Think ahead! If you buy cheaper today, you'll be able to use your tokens at a higher price in the future, giving you an extra profit on top of the volume discount.

Our fees are deducted from your StopLoss Token balance

Monthly fee is  min. 3$/month

The monthly base fee is 0.1 percent of your Binance account balance, with a minimum of 3 USD/month

The monthly fee is deducted from your StopLoss Token balance.

  • Sleep and work peacefully, Profit Manager monitors the exchange rate trend for you from 0-24.
  • Your cryptocurrencies stored on the Binance exchange are automatically converted according to the rules you set.
  • 99.9% uptime and server runtime. Trading with us never stops.

Profit fee

The more money you have on Binance, the cheaper you can use our service for a profit fee. If you realize a profit, it will be calculated as a percentage of your withdrawn profit (based on the turnover value of the Take Profit trade).