General Questions

What is Profit Manager methology?

Main purpose of Profit Manager to provide an automated portfolio management service for beginners, unexperienced traders and time-poor investors on the cryptocurrency market 24 hours a day.

The system supports the investments growth from two sides:

Protects the capital with stop-loss

Maximises the realised profit with take profit

The Profit Manager's algorithm manages to maximise the protection of the initial capital and takes multiple profits over the active investment.

How the system manages the investment?

Manage cryptocurrencies on Binance according to individual needs, yet in automated way.

Setup regular recurring purchases, set trailing stop-loss and take profit levels for the investments. Click HERE.

In order to maximise the expected profit, you can even risk a part of the profit (trailing take profit):

If the price of the cryptocurrency reaches the profit level as set, the system will follow the further rise with a certain distance. 

When the market rate falls, the system realises the profit and keeps the capital 'working'.

The investments are managed in portfolios:

Set up single investment portfolio.

Either one or multiple cryptocurrencies can be managed in a portfolio.

Multiple portfolios are available.

Please note: all cryptocurrencies in one portfolio will be subject to the same settings.

How Profit Manager protects the invested capital?

Set the percentage of the investment. If the market starts to fall, the system will automatically sell the investment.

The sale made into Stable Coin (USDT or BUSD) or even into Bitcoin.

However, in the event of the exchange rate starts to rise, the capital risk steadily decrease. Once it reaches the exchange rate level, the activation level of the capital protection sale (stop-loss) will no longer slide.

Example: The system allows to set the percentage of the investment, so if the exchange rate starts to fall, the system automatically sells the investment, protecting it from further losses.

The value of the sale can be a stable coin (USDT or BUSD) pegged to the dollar, or even Bitcoin. Yet, the exchange rate will start to rise, followed by the capital protection level at the percentage distance you specify. So the capital risk will decrease steadily, and once it reaches the buy price level, it will no longer slide beyond the activation level of the capital protection stop-loss.

What is a StopLoss Token?

The StopLoss Token is the Profit Manager's own internal cryptocurrency, which used to settle the system's usage fee. The current price of the StopLoss Token is determined by the current exchange rate of the token, but different discounts are available depending on the amount and time of purchase. - Click here for details!

Why We are different from other portfolio management on the market?


The advantage of Profit Manager, over its competitors, it only closes positions when capital is at risk, and lets the portfolio growth to maximise profit in all cases.

Once the investment reaches the expected profit level (take profit level), only the profit realise at that price, the capital continues to trade. The previously set profit percentage restores, and the trailing capital protection level ensures predictable protection of the capital.

Also, key feature is the possibility to make recurring purchases.

Effectively eliminates the high volatility of cryptocurrencies in long term.

The frequency can be hourly, daily or even weekly:

The system automatically buys the cryptocurrency and apply the capital protection value and expected profit level specified in the portfolio.

Set the maximum amount of capital (in total) in each portfolio during the recurring purchases.

What should You have to use the system?

Profit Manager is not a standalone trading platform.

The system provides a reliable, simplified connection and other extra portfolio management services.

Currently, the connection established with Binance. Binance is one of the cryptocurrency market with one of the highest turnover and highest liquidity.

In order to use the system, you should have Binance account and have a balance on your own trading account. Click HERE.

If you have not registered on Binance yet, create an account here.

If you register through the above link, you will get a 10% discount!

Can I try the system in demo mode?


Try the Profit Manager in demo HERE.

After registration, you can start a demo portfolio for free.


Before launch your portfolio, we recommend to check our historical data calculator, where you are able to test the Profit Manager in historical data.

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