...to make trading easy and convenient with automation

Once launched, the system automatically buys and sells according to the set values until it is stopped by the user.

Profit Manager

Enables managing and tracking the currencies held in Binance Wallet by using Profit Manager as a trading support system. Protect your capital and your profits at the same time. It offers the possibility to use multiple sources of investment, so whilst the purchase source can be Bitcoin, for example, the capital protection and profit levels can be adjusted according to the dollar exchange rate of the purchased cryptocurrency. When capital protection is enabled, a different currency from the source of investment can be specified. The target currency for profit withdrawal is adjustable. Trend-following strategy is the strongest pillar of the investment strategy. The user never misses an uptrend. Simple formula: the currency that increases the most is the currency the system invests more in.

Based on our decades of experience

In fact, the biggest threat to our investments is ourselves. Avoiding psychological traps, a vision clouded by illusions does not lead to success. We must have a strategy: change risk for profit.

Profit Manager is a trading methodology that can be adapted to individual needs. The founders developed the system based on decades of stock market experience. Its main strength is to provide investors with concrete capital protection and the possibility to manage capital and profits separately. As a platform, it is clear, easy to use and dynamic. What it does offer is simple: with Profit Manager, trading is stress-free and automatic. Moreover, it helps investors to consider price movements as an opportunity instead of a threat.

Capital and Profit protection is our priority

Capital is invested occasionally or fully personalised, using time-based repetition or following the trend. Profit Manager analyses each purchase individually and automatically monitors investments 24 hours daily. Hence, it takes advantage of fluctuations in the exchange rate, which allows for realising multiple profits. Also, it aims to protect the initial capital to the maximum level possible. It requires determination and an approach. Profit must be considered as the reward for capital risk. So when embarking on any investment, we need to determine the maximum risk we are willing to tolerate in advance. Profit Manager system enables to set of capital protection and profit realisation targets in percentage values. 

No limit. Once the exchange rate starts to rise after the purchase, the capital protection level increases in parallel with the expansion of the exchange rate, until the purchase price, the capital protection option takes risks out of the active investment because in the worst case, the system will close the position at the buy level with a zero loss. Anything can be customised to individual needs in the dashboard.

...capital is worked until it is at risk, so we can both provide room for growth, and at the same time there is no FOMO, regret or dread.

Thanks to the Profit Manager's special capital protection, the investors are always assured that their portfolio is monitored according to the values they set, thus the maximum amount of capital invested can be reduced by an amount equal to (or less than!) the risk level they set.

This is the real security and freedom that Profit Manager offers.

Important: Have your investment strategy, and use Profit Manager to implement your ideas, manage your portfolio and grow automatically.

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