Profit Manager Academy

One-time investment

Buy cryptocurrency whenever you want! Set your investment parameters with a few clicks and enjoy automatic growth. Capital and profit protection are also set during the setup.

Start a one-time investment with capital protection and profit protection for your cryptocurrencies held in your Binance account through Profit Manager. Currently, we have 101 cryptocurrencies available to choose from. In the example, we would like to buy Ethereum and then make a one-time purchase.

Choose which wallet to start investing from. We decide to invest $100, 100 per cent in Ethereum, with a 10 per cent capital risk. Capital protection will be fulfilled at that price level relative to the current exchange rate. We also set up a trailing stop loss, which is a unique feature in the Profit Manager's system that trails the capital protection up to the buy level. After that, profit protection assumes the main role.

We want to achieve an expected profit of 5 per cent. It is important to note that the system realises profits on several occasions while protecting the invested capital below the margin protection level, at the 10 per cent rate defined.

Our investment will appear on the latest card and we see that the purchase has already been made. The current exchange rate is displayed as well as the average price of our purchase. We have the option to realise a profit or close or sell our investment. We can also check the trade list, where we will also see the profit realisations.

We can share our investment performance using the button in the top right corner and send the public link to our friends and followers. They can see the details of our investment strategy and the results we have already achieved.

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