Profit Manager Academy

How to share Your referral link?

...and use the PM system for FREE.

In this short video, we will introduce you to the Profit Manager's referral system. In the menu My Profile, under the referral submenu, you can find your own unique identifier.

Copy the unique link and share it on social media or share it with friends, and receive 5-20% commission by default on STOP Tokens from users they refer. You can even use the Profit Manager services for free.

The number of STOP Tokens you get will also give you a referral commission of up to 20%. In order to do this, you should increase your Stop Token balance, which you may later use to pay for the services.

You can see that to reach a referral commission level of 8%, I would have to have another 232 tokens. Let's see how simple is to purchase Stop Tokens in the system.

You can see the current Stop Token exchange rate here.

The STOP Token price increases by 5% at the beginning of each month, so if you purchase more tokens by now you will be able to use them at a higher price in the future, so you can use the services cheaper. The more Tokens you purchase at once, the bigger discount you get. For purchases over $1,000, you can get 25% more tokens for 20% off.

You can see your unique wallet number and the units you need to transfer in Binance tokens to your Profit Manager account.

The more Stop Tokens we have, the higher referral commission we get and also the cheaper we can use the Profit Manager services.

We can realise profits with the system at a discounted rate of up to 5%. The fee for using the system depends on the number of portfolios we currently have, which we can also pay with Stop Tokens.

Let's go back to the referral page and aim for a referral level of 20 per cent. You can invite your friends now, even with a demo account, and get a 5 per cent commission to start collecting your Stop Tokens, which you can use for Profit Manager services later.