Profit Manager Academy

Recurring purchase ETH

This tutorial will show a concrete example of how to start a time-based investment using Profit Manager and a concrete strategy for buying Ethereum.

Our strategy is based on repetitive buying, which means buying at least three times a week, so every two days for $100. Overall, we don't want to invest more than 10,000 dollars, so we stop buying once we reach 10,000 dollars. If the capital protection is activated and the amount of invested capital decreases, we start to purchase again.

If we were buying more than one cryptocurrency at a time, we could also set up repeat weekly purchases, but for now, we're just going to look at this example with one cryptocurrency.

We reinvest the capital in the same stablecoin from which we buy, and we do not take more than 5% capital risk in this example. If the exchange rate drops from the purchase price level, the system will sell, so we can realise a maximum capital loss of $5 per unit.

If we turn on the trailing stop loss option, then as exchange rates rise, the capital protection activation level follows the current price level by five per cent. We take a 5% risk in the hope of a 10% profit. When the profit level reaches our profit level, we realise the profit.

We would have the option to skip the first purchase to avoid purchasing now. Then the system will only start buying at the next level.

We start the investment.

In this video, we will show you how our invested capital and the profit we will realise will grow, and in the trade list, you can see the exact time of the purchase. The strategy we show you allows you to invest effectively in cryptocurrency and minimise risk.

Considering that we make 100 purchases in the video, the Law of Large Numbers implies that we expect two units of profit for every unit of loss. This means that if we hit the right entry point even 50% of the time, i.e. make a profit, we will not lose capital overall, but will make a profit.