Profit Manager Academy

We describe in detail how to use the Profit Manager system for profit protection.

You will see how easy to set up profit protection on cryptocurrencies stored on the Binance exchange and even realise profits several times. Profit Manager protects capital and profits in parallel according to your individual needs which are particularly important in such a volatile market.

In our example, we invest $1000 and set 10% capital protection with a 15% expected profit.

We buy at a price level of one hundred dollars and then the price starts to move up.

When we reach the 15% upside, the profit protection is activated and we realise the profit made up to that point. The capital continues to work and is protected below the profit realisation level by 10%. We still have $1,000 invested and have already realised $150 in profits.

Capital works until it is in danger, so the capital protection level is adjusted again by 10 per cent, below the level of profit realisation.

Let's look at how the Future Trailing Stop-loss offer works. It was developed by Profit Manager, and it is not available on Binance.

At the expected exchange rate level, the profit protection is activated, but we do not realise the profit, we give it space for further growth, to make even more profit.

We reach the 15% expected profit. The profit protection is activated and we risk only 20% of the profit realised up to that point. The exchange rate continues to rise, and when the exchange rate falls again the Profit Manager automatically realises the profit. The capital works until it is in danger, so the capital level is adjusted again by 10 per cent below the profit realisation level.

The rate rises again and we make another 15 per cent profit. Profit protection is activated again. Only twenty per cent of the profit is at risk, making up to that point.

The upward trend in the exchange rate breaks. The exchange rate starts to fall, we realise our profit, and then the capital protection is activated again, after the rate change and with a 10% loss, the capital is released.

We make a significant profit while only risking 10% of our capital.