Can I trade any cryptocurrency using Profit Manager?

We are constantly expanding the list of tradable cryptocurrencies. Currently 101 cryptocurrencies registered.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

A minimum investment is 20 USD because Binance has a minimum of 11 USD for cryptocurrency purchases.

It means the investment value should be at least 11 USD for the portfolio. Click HERE.

How can I top up my Binance account balance?

Top up cryptocurrency directly to Binance account for own benefit and security reasons. Profit Manager does not provide an interface. It is designed for own security.

The transfer can make from another crypto wallet, top up Binance balance via credit card or direct debit EUR or USD. For more informations Click HERE.

Can I trade with leverage?

Leverage trading is NOT supported. Binance does not provide API access to leveraged trading accounts. For more informations Click HERE.

When will my capital be released if I start a position?

The invested capital will be redeemed into the specified cryptocurrency (USDT, BUSD or even BTC) whenever the capital is at risk and the capital protection order is activated.

Additionally, capital also released when a portfolio closed manually, in case the system sells the cryptocurrencies concerned at the current exchange rate and cancel any further regular purchase orders. Click HERE.

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