Simple, user-friendly, mobile-friendly.

Profit Manager monitors Binance exchange rate movements 24 hours a day.

Two things to watch out for!

1.) In this case, the reference price will no longer be the cost value, but the exchange rate at which the profit was realised!

2.) It is important to note that the Profit Manager itself does not store cryptocurrencies - only the StopLoss Tokens you have used. 

Is that clear? Then try it in DEMO mode!

If not, please send your question to support@profitmanager.io!

But perhaps the biggest advantage of our system is that it can easily handle the Binance exchange. In addition to protecting your capital, its main priority is to ensure that your profits are continuously realised: as soon as your target is met, the software will sell a number of cryptocurrencies equal to the profit of the offer. There you have it!

The formula is then simple: the remaining cryptocurrencies will be monitored according to the percentage capital risk level you have previously set, and even sold if the price falls.

You can choose from 4 strategies: