Automatic purchase

With Profit Manager, you can automatically grow the investments you start.

You can set a maximum investment value per portfolio! This way, you can develop multiple investment rules and strategies in parallel. All automated and convenient!

You can choose one of the two methods:

1.) The simplest cost average strategy:

Define the intervals (hours, days or weeks) at which the Profit Manager should automatically make purchases according to your needs. Cost averaging is a way to increase the value of your investment in a planned way, regardless of exchange rate fluctuations.

2.) If you prefer a more original solution, the trend-following investment strategy is your friend: 

In this case, you are in control of every single percentage. You can choose to grow your investment only when the exchange rate rises/falls. Either way, with a trend-following strategy you won't miss the big jumps!


If you set up a trending strategy for multiple cryptocurrencies, the Profit Manager will automatically buy whichever one meets the previously set % increase first. What does this mean? It's simple: if you choose the increasing trend, if the price of one of the cryptocurrencies suddenly goes off, the system will keep buying it, so you never miss an increase!


You won't ever miss the rise if you use the Trend Tracking strategy

FOMO = "Fear of Missing Out" comes from the term; this ugly feeling,

when you're afraid you're missing out on something.