Capital and Profit Protection

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Once you have connected Profit Manager to Binance, the interface allows you to view the balance of all your cryptocurrencies. In addition, you can set up capital and profit protection for cryptocurrencies purchased independently of the Profit Manager system.

The Profit Manager software monitors exchange rates 24 hours a day, and Binance retrieves exchange rate data every 5 seconds. What this looks like in practice?

Capital protection even with sliding stop-loss

When setting the capital protection, the user can specify a maximum risk value in percent, which corresponds to a % sliding stop-loss offer. In addition, you can enable the capital protection to be a % sliding stop-loss, where the price level that triggers a sell only slides up to the buy level OR, in the case of cryptocurrency protection, up to the set value.

Profit protection stop-loss can be activated

Profit protection is a key objective of the Profit Manager investment methodology. Profit should be realized when the result you dreamed of has been achieved. This way, a number of cryptocurrencies equal to the profit of the offer will be sold and the remaining cryptocurrencies will continue to be capital protected. To repeat: in this case, the benchmark price will no longer be the cost value, but the exchange rate at which a profit was realized.

Previous purchases to protect capital and profits

With Profit Manager, you can set rules to protect your existing cryptocurrencies based on your absolute individual needs. The target currencies for capital protection and profit can be different! Capital and profits can be converted into USDT, BUSD, USDC, EUR and even BTC currencies. What's the fun in that? The fact that the exchange rate levels are tested on a USD basis throughout - unlike Binance and many other exchange platforms where stop-losses can only be set on a cross rate basis.

For recurring profit protection
and automatic realisation are possible in two ways

a) Profit realization at fixed price level: No third % value is set. The point is that "capital is worked until the point when it is in danger" – Meanwhile, according to the set value, the system continuously realizes profits, which can be collected/converted into differentiating (BUSD, USDT, USDC) stable coins or even Bitcoin, regardless of the source of the purchase.

b) Profit protection with Stop-Loss offer: In this case, the tracking distance, and thus the tracking distance of the sliding stop-loss offer activated at the expected profit level, is set as a percentage of the profit earned so far, which is a fixed value calculated per profit level (nominal value).

WHAT IS THE MAIN PRIORITY? – With Profit Manager, you can set the protection of capital and future profits of each investment unit in parallel. And once the profit has been taken, the stop-loss that protects the capital is modified (although it will no longer slide), meaning you can realize profits on multiple occasions. This is a huge advantage of the Profit Manager methodology.