Profit Manager Academy

Set up an API Key

You will see in detail how to set up the API Key between Binance and Profit Manager. It is important that when setting up the Whitelist, you make sure to include the trading pairs you want to trade through the Profit Manager!

To create a new API key, go to the API Management menu in Binance under User Center. Check which API keys you have, and it is important that 'Default Security Control Details' remains unchecked. On the popup window scroll to the bottom, and confirm to remove the check.

Create a new API key once you have gone through the approval process.

Let's see how to make a new API key!

Enter the name of the API. You copy the codes on Binance and then in the Profit Manager's dashboard, under My Profiles Stock Exchange Contacts, paste the public and secret codes you received for the Binance API key (for an existing API key, delete your existing API key, only then paste the new keys from Binance), click connect. You are done.

When you go back to the dashboard you can see your balance, but we're not there yet.

We also need to set up trading rights and specify which cryptocurrencies the API key should be valid for.

First, we'll set up the BUSDUSDT pairs. BUSD - FIAT - USDT, is important so that you can switch between stablecoins in the Profit Manager. Then from your favourites, you add the trading pairs that you want to trade through the Profit Manager.

Once you have done this, you have reached the end of the process.