Set up Your trading strategy and enjoy the automated trading on Binance Exchange

Choose from 4 strategies

One-time Investment

Dollar Cost Average 2.0. (DCA)

Trend Following Strategy

Cryptocurrency protection

The strategies are adapted to individual needs. Profit Manager monitors Binance exchange prices 24 hours a day.

Keep in mind

1.) The reference price will no longer be the cost value, but the convertibility at the price where the profit is realised!

2.) Important that Profit Manager itself does not cache cryptocurrencies - it saves the used StopLoss Tokens ONLY. 

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Capital protection is our priority

The biggest advantage of the Profit Manager is that everyone can easily manage the Binance exchange through the dashboard. Capital protection is a priority task to achieve continuous profit realisation: as soon as the targeted price is successfully fulfilled, the software sells a number of cryptocurrencies equal to the profit of the given offer. The profit is there!
Simple method: the remaining cryptocurrencies are monitored, according to the percentage of the capital risk level determined, then even sells in the event of market turns.


Profit Manager operates with Stop Tokens only

Prerequisite to purchase it for trading

The sooner you buy, the better you get. The price increases by 5% every month until it reaches 1 USD!

Why top up the STOP Token balance in advance?

  • The more tokens you buy, the more you get as a prize with your purchase.
  • Reach up to 20% discount.
  • Invite friends and receive a commission between 10-40% on the tokens they redeem.
  • In the first two years, you can buy STOP Tokens at a discounted price (under 1 USD). The price increases by 5% per month until it reaches 1 USD!
  • If you purchase it today, you'll trade with your tokens at a higher price in the future. It gives you an extra profit on top of the volume discount.

Our fees are deducted from your Stop Token balance

Profit Fee

When taking profit, sales value is determined as a percentage.

The fee is based on the current STOP Token balance, which is calculated on the number of STOP Tokens + 50% of the STOP Tokens that have been uploaded by Your invitees (and those currently unspent).

System Usage Fee

Sleep tight and have a nice day - we watch Your back. The Profit Manager monitors the exchange rate 24/7.

Your cryptocurrencies stored on Binance will be converted automatically according to Your specified setups.

Profit Manager automatically builds Your investment on a recurring basis and intervals You specify - (whether hour, day, month or even %).

99.9% server runtime, we are always available.

If You are not completely satisfied with our service, we will refund the system usage fee for a maximum of 3 months.

Please note: STOP Tokens are ONLY used for paying fees in the system. However, you are able to transfer them to your invited friends, on request.

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