Simple, user-friendly, mobile-friendly.

Profit Manager monitors a Binance exchange prices 24 hours a day.

Keep in mind

Capital protection in prior

1.) The reference price will no longer the cost value, but the convertibility at the price where the profit realised!

2.) Important that Profit Manager itself does not cache cryptocurrencies - it saves the used StopLoss Tokens ONLY. 

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The biggest advantage of the Profit Manager that everyone can easily manage the Binance exchange through the dashboard. Over the capital protection, its priority task to achieve the continuous profit realisation: as soon as the targeted price successfully fulfilled, the software sells a number of cryptocurrencies equal to the profit of the given offer. The profit is there!
Simple method: the remaining cryptocurrencies are monitored, according to the percentage of the capital risk level determined, then even sells in the event of market turns.

Choose from 4 strategies

The strategies adapted to individual needs