NEAR is an open-source platform that provides the opportunity to develop and launch decentralized applications. Its primary goals include eliminating scalability problems and ensuring the lowest possible costs. The central element of the NEAR protocol is sharding technology, the purpose of which is to divide the network's infrastructure into several segments so that computers, also known as nodes, only have to handle a fraction of network transactions. The division is expected to create a more efficient way to retrieve network data and scale the platform, capable of handling up to 100,000 transactions per second. NEAR, like other projects, has its own token, which is an important element of the functioning of the ecosystem. Ownership of the token provides the right to vote on issues affecting the project and can be used to pay fees for transactions and data storage, and tokens can be obtained in exchange for the operation of the nodes. It is a fully community-operated and maintained project. NEAR works in a similar way to other centralized data storage systems such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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