Zilliqa is a new blockchain platform that aims to create a secure, high-performance network. Open source blockchain, which aims to achieve decentralization and high scalability. In terms of speed and transaction fees, it competes with Ethereum and Bitcoin, and thanks to its technology, it is more favourable than many altcoins. It uses sharding technology, during which the network is divided into several smaller networks (shards), which process transactions in parallel. Its programming language is Scilla, which is absolutely developer-friendly and enables the testing of smart contracts before launch. Current transaction speed: 2828 transactions/sec. Its participation in the stock market can be said to be positive even in the current market situation, and the number of its supporters and followers is constantly increasing. Zilliqa has come a long way since its launch on January 12th. It is currently still traded on many exchanges thanks to the hype surrounding the project and its community. Available on Binance, Bithumb, KuCoin, Huobi or Bitforex. What we need to know is that we cannot directly buy Zilliqa for dollars or any other fiat currency. First, you need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, then you can get Zilliqa for them. Of course, as with any other platform, Zilliqa also carries risks. Since it is a relatively young project, there is always a chance that a new, better and improved platform will appear, as the competition in the market is quite strong. One disadvantage of Zilliqa is that it requires quite a lot of storage space.

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