Profit Manager Academy

Top up STOP Token

Profit Manager operates with Stop Tokens only.
Prerequisite to purchase it for trading. STOP Tokens are ONLY used for paying fees in the system. However, you are able to transfer them to your invited friends, on request.

To top up your Stop Token, select the STOP Token menu option and choose the amount you wish to top up.

To top up the amount, I recommend that you consider how many tokens you want to own, as you will pay a profit fee! So you decide how much you want to pay in trading fees.

The system fee will depend on how many live investments you run or suspended investments you have. If you have more than 15 investments running or suspended, you pay $15, if you have 1, you pay only $3 per month.

If you have no subsequent investments, the service is free. Discounts are available for volume uploads. Over $100, you get a 2.5 per cent discount, over $200, 5 per cent, over $500, 10 per cent and over $1,000, 20 per cent.

Click on the purchase menu and you'll see your wallet number. Once you have checked out, go to the Fiat Spot menu item in your Wallet on the Binance interface. Use the "Search coin" search box to find the BNB coin. Click on Withdraw, then paste the wallet number you copied from Profit Manager into the address, where the system will automatically detect that the transfer is being made via the BEP20 protocol.

You must calculate the transfer price into the purchase for the discount - in terms of the transfer fee (if you transfer exactly $100 then the STOP Token will be less and it will not reach the discount category. So always check how much will be transferred into the account before you approve).

Click to transfer! Then approve any requests that Binance makes.

You are done, your Stop Token will arrive within 3-5 minutes.

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