Profit Manager Academy

Trend-following strategy

Buy cryptocurrency whenever you want! Set your investment parameters with a few clicks and enjoy automatic growth.
Capital and profit protection are also set during the setup.

Start automated investments with a few clicks according to specific rules from cryptocurrencies, Stablecoin, or even Bitcoin, stored on the Binance exchange.

Let's see an example. We buy for $1,000 on every 5% increase, investing up to $2,000. The next purchase will be done if the price rises by 5% compared to the price level of the last investment. Profit Manager's system monitors price movements 24 hours a day and expands the investment.

The first purchase occurs when the exchange rate rises by 5%. After we purchased our first investment of $1,000, the market rises 5% gain from the purchase level and the second $1,000 will be invested.

The exchange rate rises 15%, and on two occasions we invested $1,000 for a total of $2,000 while making a profit of $193.

Importantly, the system treats each investment separately and protects capital and individually set profit levels relative to the purchase level.

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