The IOST identifies itself as an ultra-fast, full-fledged decentralised blockchain network and ecosystem with its own nodes, wallets and Proof-of-Believability consensus. In order to better understand IOST's operation, it should be compared with its most recent competitors. Ethereum is currently the most popular smart contracts platform among developers. But it can also be compared to EOS or TRON, which are highly scalable with excellent usability. The biggest difference between IOST and its competitors is that it can process up to 100,000 transactions per second, compared to 20 per second for Ethereum, Tron 2000 or EOS 4000. The IOST blockchain infrastructure is open source, secure, scalable and designed to serve as the backbone of online services in the future.

The team's Proof-of-Believability consensus algorithm ensures that transactions on the network are secure and efficient. To achieve this speed, the IOST team has created a new blockchain system that has introduced a number of innovations, innovations and protocols - including the PoB consensus mentioned above. It is primarily designed for enterprise use, meaning it claims to be capable of handling giants the size of Amazon, Google or even Facebook. The key to the project's continued success will be the development of partnerships.