SingularityNET is a decentralised marketplace specialised in artificial intelligence. Thanks to the platform, businesses and developers can create their own AI projects using the available algorithms and using data. Users can browse, test and purchase AI services using the platform token, AGI.

What's more, developers themselves can sell their AI tools and get feedback on their work. The usability of AGI has evolved in parallel with the SingularityNET ecosystem: for example, AGI owners can vote on changes to the way the network works. Binance is the largest trader of AGI tokens. SingularityNET is moving from the Ethereum network to the Cardano network. This will make them the first company on Cardano. All of AGI's shareholders have voted in favour of a proposal to add an additional 1 billion tokens to the company. The project has become famous worldwide for creating a robot called Sophia, with the addition of abilities such as hearing, empathy and vision. The goal is for Sophia to be able to fully understand human language.