Zcash is an anonymous cryptocurrency similar to Monero. It works in a similar way to the Bitcoin blockchain, except that transactions cannot be tracked and the amount of the transaction is hidden from others. The source of the funds is completely unknown, so there is no difference in value between the value of the potentially questionable for- source and the value of normal Zcash. This also implies a downside, but it is important to bear in mind that the use of cash is not traceable either. Zcash does, however, offer the possibility to carry out traceable transactions that are visible to others. Anonymous transactions are of course everyone's right. Being untraceable is not a way of hiding illegal activities, but rather an exercise of a basic human right. Zcash is a mineable cryptocurrency with a block length of 2.5 minutes. This means that transactions take that long. To mine it effectively, you need the most powerful video card possible, with Nvidia cards in particular offering outstanding performance. 20% of the mined cryptocurrency is returned to the developers, so they are also interested in continuous improvement and bug fixing.

As things stand, 21 million ZECs will be issued in total over 131 years. Zcash originally evolved from Zerocoin into Zerocash and then into Zcash. Zerocoin was created to improve the anonymity of Bitcoin and its success has allowed it to evolve into a cryptocurrency in its own right. Zcash was created from a fork of Bitcoin, so it continues on the Bitcoin blockchain, with a custom algorithm, allowing its users to transfer and store their money anonymously.

This is of course optional: you can transfer money at any time using Bitcoin's technology.